Havers Art

Landscape Painting - A Journey of Discovery

After a 35+ year career as a graphic artist in the Comox Valley I felt it was time to explore an alternative creative pursuit, landscape painting.

I started playing with acrylics in November, 2019 in the Sonoran desert (AZ) where we now spend our winters. Thanks to COVID we came home earlier than planned and spent 2 weeks in quarantine. I filled that time attempting to create west coast landscapes.

I’ve always been impressed with the ability of landscape artists to capture the mood and the beauty of the Canadian wilderness with what appears to be simple, elegant strokes of the brush. Artists such as Tom Thomson and Robert Genn, as well as many other current artists, inspire me to learn what it takes to compose landscape images with feeling.

A recent zoom course I took with Brian Buckrell helped me develop a more critical eye for colour values and composition. He has been very helpful offering critiques and giving me advice along the way. It's easy to get bogged down in the details, a task I can only overcome with more time spent painting, both plein air and in the studio. Thanks to the interweb and Instagram I can follow contemporary artists on their journey for inspiration and technique.  

I’ve been painting both plein air and in my studio as much as I can. The Comox Valley offers limitless locations for plein air painting inspiration. In the studio I paint from reference photography I’ve shot over the last 40 years. Working as a graphic artist on Vancouver Island has given me many wonderful opportunities, particularly access to so many stunningly beautiful, remote locations working with various tourism related clients.

In the beginning...

These images are some of my earliest attempts at painting. The earliest plein air attempts in the desert were unbelievable failures, yet fun and exciting at the same time. The last four images shown are from my 'quarantine' period, trying my hand at painting from photo reference.