Havers Art

Vancouver Island Landscape Painting

After a 35+ year career as a graphic artist in the Comox Valley I felt it was time to explore an alternative creative pursuit... landscape painting. I’ve always been impressed with the ability of landscape artists to capture the mood and the beauty of the Canadian wilderness with what appears to be simple, elegant strokes of the brush. Not so much! I soon realized it is far from easy, having said that, it has already proven to be an incredibly humbling and rewarding journey that I will pursue for many years to come.

In February, 2024 I was accepted as an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists following a juried review of my paintings. I look forward to participating in FCA artistic pursuits  including a 4 day painting experience in Bamfield, BC. 

In March, 2024 two of my paintings have been accepted Federation of Canadian Artists "Federation Showcase" (online, April 1-21, 2024). 

Recent paintings are available for viewing at 391 11th Street, Courtenay, BC.
Please call for a viewing: 250-897-5757

Working as a graphic artist on Vancouver Island has given me many wonderful opportunities, particularly access to so many stunningly beautiful and remote locations working with various tourism related clients.

I’ve had the opportunity to explore Nootka Sound and Kyuquot Sound aboard the MV Uchuck III. I’ve paddled with killer whales and explored the waterways of north Vancouver Island by kayak with Discovery Expeditions. I’ve also cruised the majority of Knight Inlet and kayaked the grizzly bear domain of Glendale Cove thanks to the owners of Knight Inlet Lodge.

On these trips, as well as on many hiking and fishing trips throughout Vancouver Island, I’ve always had my camera with me. The result is a collection of images I can use as reference for many years to come.